Campdrafting is a unique Australian sport involving a horse and rider working cattle. The riding style is Australian stock, somewhat akin to American Western riding and the event is similar to the American stock horse events such as cutting, working cow horse, team penning, and ranch sorting.

Step 1

The rider on horseback must “cut out” one steer from the mob of cattle in the yard or the “camp” and block and turn the steer, at least two or three times, to prove to the judge that they have the beast under control.

Step 2

Once in the arena, both the rider and the horse work in unison to guide the steer around two pegs in a figure eight pattern, and then through the final two pegs at the end of the course known as the gate.

Step 3

The course must be completed in less than 40 seconds.  Up to a total of 100 points are scored by horse and rider: The “cut out” is worth a total of 26 points; guiding the steer is worth up to 70 points; and 4 points for the course layout.

Here is a great example of a campdraft run. You will see the rider carefully pick out his steer, show control of the steer to the judges before the gates were opened.  The rider and horse strategically guided the steer around two pegs in a figure 8 pattern and through the gates to finish his fantastic run. Video courtesy of Campdraft TV YouTube Channel.